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Katiti is a “Business in a box”, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to resell airtime and earn commission.  A brightly coloured, virtually indestructable terminal is provided for voucher sales and distribution.

Make 10% commission on reselling airtime

Katiti can sell  MTC airtime vouchers, TN Mobile airtime vouchers and  Paratus data vouchers. The device offers you the possibility to make 10% on reselling airtime.


John DaltonSomething new to the market

We wanted to bring something new to the market - something that would not only benefit us, and the millions of people who use prepaid phones, but that would also give entrepreneurial individuals an opportunity to supplement their incomes.

John D'Alton

Local vendors are given a brightly coloured and virtually indestructible terminal, or “business in a box” from which they can sell prepaid airtime vouchers. The platform is cloud-based, so vendors simply ‘upload’ airtime when they have internet access. The beauty of the system is that reselling doesn’t require any connectivity or even electricity. The vendor simply selects the type and amount of airtime to be sold and a voucher is printed within seconds.

The device’s battery lasts for five days and is fully charged after just eight hours - ideal for rural areas or places where electricity access is unreliable.


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Getting started / How it works 

Download Katiti registration form

  • Katiti = A device, that sells MTC and TN Mobile airtime country wide and Paratus airtime (data) only available for Windhoek vendors
  • Minimum amount of airtime to be paid upon registration = N$500.00
  • N$500.00 loaded onto the device
  • 10% commission earned automatically
  • No upfront payment for the device, it is free and remains the property of Paratus
  • The device is setup in such a way that after you finish the N$500 dollar airtime, you will have in total N$550.00, irrespective what providers airtime is selected from the device.
  • Top ups is done remotely after payment confirmation, device ID/vendor name needed for this.
  • Payments can be done via EFT, direct deposit into the supplied bank account, e-wallet, cash or we can collect/alternative arrangements.
  • All vendors get two tally rolls, (one in the machine and one complementary roll) upon obtaining of  the device, thereafter each roll can be purchased at a cost of N$7.50 excluding vat.
  • Start selling – Charge device immediately - ±3-4 hrs
  • Ensure device is on, press the desired operator’s button, then the desired amount, then print
  • A1 size poster supplied to vendor + shipment costs if required to ship using Nampost courier
  • Supply a Copy of ID
  • Proof of Payment of N$500
  • 4 digit pin code to be provided
  • Attached application form completed and send back to us with proof of payment
  • Upon reception of completed registration form and proof of payment, device will be registered, this is what is in the box you will receive: Airtime device, USB Charger cable with vehicle adapter and home adapter

All prices are for Namibia only.