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G-Pad & T-Pad

Paratus's Multi-SIM modems (G-Pad and T-Pad) provide secure wireless data communication to various markets via the GSM data networks, including Point of Sale (POS), credit/debit card authorisations, cheque verifications, prepaid cellular airtime, micro-lending, bulk SMS applications, healthcare verifications, ATM’s, telemetry and any other market requiring transaction type data communications.


Cost Saving

  • Fixed monthly tariffs – NO more variable charges
  • A single G-Pad/T-Pad can simultaneously provide communications to three/four terminals respectively
  • Tariffs are highly competitive

LCD Screen

  • No need to interpret LED signals, all information required is displayed in text on the LCD Screen
  • LCD Screen displays "Signal Strength", "Date and Time", "GSM Cell ID" and "Connectivity Status"
  • Port activity is also visual on LCD display

Secure and Reliable

  • All data is encrypted before it is sent over the network.
  • Both MTC and TN Mobile SIM cards are installed within the G-Pad/T-Pad. The G-Pad/T-Pad will automatically switch between the 2 networks in the event that the connectivity to the Hosting Servers is lost . This process is transparent to the end user
  • Not vulnerable to stolen, wet or damaged telephone lines
  • G-Pad/T-Pad will automatically reset itself in the event it is unable to restore connectivity to the GSM networks or the Hosting Servers

Speed and Connectivity

  • Card authorisations are quick thus eliminating long queues
  • Call connection is almost instantaneous
  • Modem to modem connectivity is possible
  • G-Pad/T-Pad is engineered to handle poor GSM Data conditions reliably

Service and Support

  • 24/7 First line support via Paratus's call centre
  • On-site support is provided when necessary