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General Terms & Conditions

  1. Pricing is quoted in Namibian Dollar.
  2. Package pricing excludes 15% VAT
  3. Pricing is based on the contract periods stipulated in the agreement and are automatically renewed 90 days before the last day of the contract.
  4. Cancellation terms are 90 days before contract expiry date.
  5. Standard Paratus’s Acceptable Use Policy applies.
  6. Customers are not restricted as to what they use their data for, unless specified, as long as the customer does not engage in any unlawful activity, which includes any explicit or offensive content. The customer indemnifies Paratus against any claims, loss (direct and indirect, consequential or otherwise).
  7. Some applications transfer data in the background even if the customer is not actively sending or receiving data, such as software updates, streaming services, mapping and location based application services. This may result in higher data usage due to active background applications and the customer hereby indemnifies Paratus from the excessive bandwidth utilization that may be caused and associated with such application activities. Paratus has no control over the applications installed and used by the customer, and as such will not be held liable for high data usage claimed by the customer as being irregular.
  8. Paratus can warn, limit or disconnect any customer who is reasonably deemed to be abusing their data services.
  9. Paratus can change the prices of any services, alter or introduce new terms and conditions. This change will not be detrimental or to the disadvantage of the customer and the Customers will be notified 14 days before the change via our website, Billboards, Social Media or direct e-mail whichever media channel is deemed to be most efficient before 14 days.
  10. Customers will indemnify Paratus for the suspension of services due to force majeure. (circumstances out of Paratus control)
  11. Upon subscribing to  any of the Paratus services, the customer agrees that Paratus may conduct ITC background checks with relevant financial screening agencies prior to approving any customer account application.
  12. In the event that the customer fails to pay for any of the Post-paid services, Paratus reserves the right to suspend the customer services until such time as payment is received. Should payment not be received from the customer for any outstanding services, the customer agrees that Paratus may prohibit the customer from being offered any future, additional or value-added services by Paratus. Paratus reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against the customer for non payment.
  13. All other standard Paratus Terms and Conditions apply.
  14. Only available in areas where fiber is available, please refer to the coverage map on our webpage.
  15. Includes drop cable to the premises (aerial, on the wall or in existing sleeve up to 70m from the pavement).
  16. Includes ONT with Wi-fi.
  17. Includes 1 free email address
  18. Includes 1 free 083 number (no telephone provided).  Voice minutes will be payable.

Data Bundles Terms & Conditions

  1. Top up data bundles are valid for 30 days after purchase date.
  2. Customers may purchase more than one data bundle during any period.
  3. All data bundle prices include 15% VAT.
  4. Pricing is quoted in Namibian Dollar.
  5. Customers may purchase data bundles by:
    1. Buying a cash voucher from Paratus, any of their outlets or authorized vendors.
    2. Using the online portal to purchase a data bundle with a credit / debit card enabled for online purchases.
    3. **  All transactions are redeemable through the customer service portal (
  6. Customers are able monitor the general usage of all data bundles by logging into the Paratus customer service portal.
  7. Throttling of post-paid and Capping of pre-paid subscribers is applied once data bundles have been depleted.  Access to the customer portal to purchase additional data is free of charge (no data required and accessible after data depletion)