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Portable FAQ


How do I lock my device for security purposes?

Press and hold the lock button – this is for security purposes – each device can only have one lock code, example: 2017.

How do I unlock my device?

Switch on device, then press the lock button only one time, (where red light is burning), while all the lights are burning, enter your 4 digit pin – unlock sound will indicate device is open

Where do I enter my pin?

Small numeral digits displayed on the right hand, down corner of the voucher button, select the required buttons

How do I get my balance (what is left in my “wallet”)

To get your balance press the info button (i) then press print – Slip displaying what is left in your wallet will print out

Why does the battery get flat quickly?

When you put your device on charge, please always ensure it is off, saving battery life (device works like you mobile phone, the more you use it, the more you need to charge it) when not in use, switch it off

Why does the vouchers print blank?

The tally roll is inserted incorrectly

How do I insert a new tally roll?

To insert tally roll, open see through cover at the back, put thumb in hole, press down slightly and pull. Look at how the current roll is inserted, this is the correct way, if inserted wrong, printout will be blank.

What happens when I am busy printing a voucher and my tally roll finishes?

If roll finishes while you are printing a voucher, you will have one option to do a reprint as soon as new roll is inserted, print light will flicker at this stage, press it one time to get a reprint of your last voucher

How do I reset my device?

While your device is on, press and HOLD power button for 10 seconds or until you hear a long beep sound – leave for about 3 minutes then try again (note: this is only required when device is dormant for a while or struggles to load vouchers.

How do I earn my 10% Commission?

The 500 Namibian dollar you paid is loaded on what is called the machines wallet

When you sell a 5 dollar voucher, you get your 5 dollar, the buyer gets his 5 dollar voucher, however only 4.50 from your wallet is deducted, thus 50 cents staying behind in your wallet. From 10 dollar only 9 dollar, from 20 only 18 dollar, from 30 only 27 dollar, from 50 only 45 dollar is deducted, etc – which means in the end you can sell extra vouchers with all the small amounts staying behind in your wallet, thus earning your commission

When the first 500 Namibian Dollar is finished in your wallet, you will have N$550.00

Do we sell electricity?

No, only airtime